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Decades of research went into the development of HAPPi Momentz - a wholly luxury Ayurvedic, 100% natural performance enhancer designed to replace unnatural, artificially enhanced products with side effects.

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Zero means a great deal to us. That’s why HAPPi Momentz contains ZERO artificial ingredients. Made completely from natural ingredients and assured side-effect free, HAPPi Momentz isn’t just another sexual performance enhancer but an ayurvedic herbal concoction that improves blood circulation & prevents many age-related ailments.


HAPPi Momentz is a result of Ayurvedic research that spanned over 3 decades by Ayurveda experts & doctors to discover a natural, herbal performance enhancer that’s devoid of side-effects. The product is clinically proven to be safe, healthy and effective for both man & woman.


From Ashwagandha and Musali to Abheeru and Gokshuram, the entirety of the ingredients of HAPPi Momentz are sourced fresh from leading providers of Ayurvedic ingredients across South India. It’s due to this that we pride ourselves in offering a 100% Ayurvedic product of the highest quality.


The manufacturer of HAPPi Momentz is Kerala Sarvodaya Ayurveda - an establishment with an Ayurvedic legacy of over three decades spearheaded by the foremost Ayurveda experts in South India. With a vision founded on a belief that nature holds the cure for every physical problem suffered by man, we have been successfully distributing 100% Ayurvedic products for various ailments & disorders.

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