How Diet Enhances Intimacy

All begins from an ideal diet. What we eat has an impact on our sexual life as well. Better food habits lead to better intimate life.

Good news, isn't it?

Certain food and vitamins add to your sexual desires and performance. That is what we are about to explore.

To begin with, just lower the fried and the fatty.

It’s time to bring some changes in our daily routine and start new habits. Daily physical

exercises affect our mind too. On the other hand, lack of exercise and poor eating habits adversely affect our body, emotions, thought processes and blood flow. Eventually it will affect all spheres of our physical and mental actions. It causes erectile issues. Include more lean meat, vegetables and fruits in your food. It positively impacts your life in general, especially in the bedroom.

Libido and sexual desire have close connection with our food habits. So making a shift in these habits is vital and significant for a great intimate experience every time. Obviously, priority should be given to the content of food.

What is proper food?

Now we are bothered only by the taste of the food. Aren’t we? Let’s approach food in

a new manner.


Animal fat makes your life more sensual since it is natural. Enjoy the results of dairy products, and ensure your partner takes healthy food as well. Have intimacy while you eat! Milk and butter produce the needed hormones.


Eggs are rich in vitamins and they will help you keep a higher quantity of hormones. But

make sure you balance intake of eggs, because they are rich in cholesterol too.


Bananas are one of the best foods for added libido. And bananas are apt for all genders. So make it a regular component in your daily food. As we all know, they can be mixed with a variety of food and banana itself is a tasty fruit. Surely, its consumption is easy.

Add spice to romance

Studies show that one or two glasses of red wine a day increases desires. It is found the drink works well for women.

Make it more spicy with sweets

Let’s talk about chocolates. They are not reserved only for kids!

Dark Chocolates have a positive impact on heart health, immune system, diabetes, brain, stress level and finally they improve athletic capabilities. Chocolates are good boosters. So have chocolate, have fun!

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